TCAS Honorees


Guidelines for Honorary Membership


  Minimum 10 years of continuous membership.

  Contributed significantly to the Society's success.

Frequency of nominations:

 • Not to exceed one award per year

  There is no requirement that an award be granted every year

Timing of Award:

  Award presented at the last meeting of the Calendar year, and

  Effective beginning the following membership year

Nomination Process:

 • Honorees nominated and approved by the Board of Directors.

  Membership approval at the general meeting prior to the last 
      meeting of the year.

Benefits of Award:

Certificate presentation and synoptic review of the significant 
      contributions to TCAS made by the individual being honored.

Name posted on website under Society membership awards and 

Lifetime dues-free membershipApproved by Board of Directors

Torrance County Archaeological Society

June 25, 2014

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Honorary Membership,

Torrance CountyArchaeological Society

Name: Example
Address: Torrance County, NM
Society: Torrance County Archaeological Society

Member of the Society for how many years? 15+ Yrs

Activities for consideration of the award:

Example has been a dedicated member of the Torrance County Archaeology Society since it inception. She/he has served on numerous committees and is currently a committee chairman serving as historian. Her/his dedication to the Society has helped it to maintain solid historical records and comply with all the reporting necessary to maintain good standing with the Archaeological Society of New Mexico.

Her/his participation in organizing and implementing regular and special event activities for TCAS, such as hosting the ASNM annual meeting in 2012, was critical to their successful outcome. Example regularly participates in the society's outside activities and field trips and her/his insight into paleo-man's activities in the central New Mexico region regularly adds to everyone's knowledge and take always from the events.

Torrance County Archaeological Society is fortunate to have Example as a member and because of her/his untiring dedication to the betterment of the society and the preservation of New Mexico's archaeological resources, I enthusiastically endorse and recommend that Example be awarded honorary membership in the Torrance County Archaeological Society.

Other societies or organizations involved in:

ASNM, Friends of Tijeras Pueblo, Albuquerque Archaeological Society and Moriarty Historical Society.

Name of Individual or committee making nomination:

Jonathan L Hagmaier, President Torrance County Archaeological Society

Date: Oct 1, 2014

Current TCAS Honorees:

John Hayden.....................................1990

Jerry Shaw........................................ 11/5/14

Waynette Burnette............................ 8/28/15

Billye Head........................................10-12-16

Honorary membership status was granted in recognition of Billy’s contribution and support for the Society.  The Society appreciates Billy’s ongoing efforts and support throughout the history of TCAS. Her participation has contributed significantly to the success of our Society.

Archaeological Society of New Mexico

Annual Volume Honorees

Every year ASNM publishes a full-length volume of contributed papers in honor of an individual or individuals who have made a significant contribution to the archaeology of the Southwest. 

The 2015 ASNM Annual Volume Honors TCAS distinguished member, John Hayden.

Following is the Preface from the 2015 Annual Volume entitled:

“The Multifaceted Forester, Papers in Honor of John S, Hayden”

“I first met John Hayden in his capacity as the president of the Archaeological Society of New Mexico—an office for which his love of archaeology and his skill in diplomacy made him particularly suited. I was initially surprised as I watched him conduct board meetings. A soft-spoken man, John would appear to be an unexpected candidate for steering a roomful of fractious archaeologists toward civil discussion, much less achieving consensus. And yet, his thoughtful consideration of each point made, his unwillingness to speak ill of anyone, and his persistent pursuit of a topic until agreement was reached soothed egos, nipped tangents in the bud, and achieved results. John is an excellent botanist and prolific photographer. His passion for both the natural and cultural elements of the landscape of the Southwest inspired him to make learning a lifelong endeavor. He took on the duties of a para-archaeologist in addition to his forestry related responsibilities as an employee of the Forest Service, producing 80 reports related to site and rock art surveys over the course of his federal career. John saw the extra duties in an unfamiliar discipline as an opportunity. It was his personal work with Ghost Ranch that paved the way for the volunteer archaeology program under Florence Hawley Ellis, resulting in a much greater understanding of the Gallina culture. Characteristically self- effacing, John writes that he considers his best achievements to have grown out of working with others. Indeed, he continues to give his time and expertise to an impressive number of archaeological organizations and has engendered devoted friendships in each of them.”

                                                                                                                                               --Emily J. Brown

The Richard A. Bice Award 

for Archaeological Achievement

Each year the Archaeological Society of New Mexico (ASNM) reviews outstanding persons from our affiliated societies to receive The Richard A. Bice Award for Archaeological Achievement.  This prestigious award for excellence in the field of archaeology will be presented during the ASNM annual meeting. 

Torrance County Archaeological Society

Members who have Received the

Richard A Bice Award:


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For her years of service to the Torrance County Archaeological Society, and continued dedication to the field of archaeology.   Billye has been a dedicated member of the Torrance County Archaeology Society since it inception.  She has served on numerous committees, and has served as the TCAS treasurer for many years.  Her knowledge of bookkeeping and the Society’s finances has helped TCAS maintain a solid and long term financial footing.



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