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Quarai, Mission: Salinas Pueblo Missions National Historic Monument



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“Archaeology and History in Your Backyard

Recently, our local radio station,

KXNM 88.7 FM started broadcasting

short programs about little known

people and events that took place right here in your backyard.  These scripts were written by TCAS members.  For the most part, these stories cover interesting facts, stories and legends about the past and people that lived right here in the Estancia Valley and surrounding areas here in Central New Mexico. Clicking on the above audio image will take you directly to the KXNM Archaeology in Your Backyard web page.

      Torrance County Archaeological Society Mission Statement

                 The Torrance County Archaeological Society will:

• Preserve and protect prehistoric and historic remains of this region.


• Educate members and public in archaeological and ethnological fields.


• Conduct archaeological studies, research, surveys, and excavations.


• Encourage the publication of research results of the Society.


• Cooperate with other scientific institutions, especially the programs of the                  Archaeological Society of New Mexico and its affiliates.                            

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