TCAS 2019

On Tuesday, October 1st, TCAS is fortunate to have Paul Secord as our speaker.  The title of Paul’s presentation is:

“Prehistoric Mineral Use From Abo Pass to Cerrillos”

This talk will focus on the prehistoric use of minerals along the eastern side of the Sandia and Manzano Mountains.  The discussion will include information about clay minerals, gypsum, and mica; along with turquoise, lead, hematite and copper minerals. Tijeras Pueblo and several nearby Pueblos will be discussed including a detailed look at a “paint-pot” found during the excavations at Tijeras, and extremely rare, if not unique, artifact.

Paul Secord is a retired Environmental Planning Consultant who specialized in cultural resource management and historic evaluations. He is a graduate of University of New Mexico in anthropology and geology (1972) and University of Southern California in Public Administration (1978.)

Secord is the author of a several books for Arcadia Press, including titles on Albuquerque and Santa Fe Architecture, Pecos, Bandelier and the Galisteo Basin and Cerrillos Hills (with Homer E. Milford). Recent books include “The Maisel's Murals, 1939: Native American Art of the American  Southwest” (2018) and “Loss and Discovery, Volume I Ethnohistory / Volume II Archaeology: A Lost Friend, A Lost Manuscript, and A Lost Culture – Stuart J. Baldwin, PhD and the Piro-Tompiro Pueblo Cultures of Abo Pass, Salinas Region of Central New Mexico” (2018). He is currently editing, compiling and supplementing a number of books on New Mexico mining including “The Cerrillos Hills and Mining” (2019), “Dolores: The Wests First Gold Rush” (2019) and “Silver-Plated Deceit, the Story of Mining in Lake Valley, New Mexico” (expected in late 2019).


Our meeting place is in the East Torrance Soil and Water Conservation District’s education building located a block north of Hwy 55 at 700 S. 10th Street.